Global Mission Partners

Partnering in God's Mission to the Nations

Here at Christ Church we strive to partner in God’s mission to the nations by sending and supporting global mission partners to make fruitful disciples beyond the borders of our own context. 

We have global mission partners serving in France, Argentina, Bolivia, the Middle East, Tasmania and South West Sydney.

Josh and Susannah Apieczonek

Serving in France

Josh encourages and trains university students in sharing their faith in a very secular environment. Susannah cares for and organises women’s ministry at church. Together, they lead a team that is church planting in their area.

Martin and Louise Hughes

Serving in Tasmania

The Hughes family moved to Glenorchy, Tasmania to plant an independent evangelical church with FIEC. Glenorchy is a vibrant suburb in the northern suburbs of Hobart boasting beautiful panoramic views as well as some serious socioeconomic disadvantage. City North Church is still in it’s infancy but continues to grow as they witness to Christ and his salvation.

Martin and Julie Field

Serving in Argentina

From 2024 Martin and Julie will be working with ‘Año Puente’, a ‘Bridge Year’ in Argentina for Christian school leavers, offering discipleship and Bible training.

They hope to see Christian students grow spiritually, develop deep gospel convictions and be prepared to serve God in their churches, in the university and in society.

Adrian and Anita Lovell

Serving in Bolivia

Adrian serves as the International Director for MOCLAM, which provides distance theological education to the Spanish-speaking world. Adrian teaches students, develops networks with teachers, provides administrative support, and sets the organisational vision. Anita uses her teaching and administrative experience to support this ministry, whilst caring for their children, Matias and Maya. They live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Morgan and Olivia

Serving in the Middle East

Morgan, Olivia and their family live in the Middle East.

Ben and Sally

Serving in South West Sydney

Ben and the family are working in South West Sydney.