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How good was UNITE!?

By Hugh Simpson

What is UNITE?

UNITE is a great highlight each term for Regen Youth. It’s a night where high schoolers can come along and enjoy some awesome food, games, and fun, and hear about the life that Jesus offers!

What happened at UNITE?

Our last UNITE on the 26th of May, was country-western themed! The whole church site was filled with game stations including a mechanical bull, can shooting, ring toss, spike ball, bowling, and Just Dance, where youth could earn tickets to pay to put their leaders in the “stocks” and throw water balloons filled with different materials at them… which was a highlight for many!

We also had great moments of community, meeting new people and spending time as small groups over dinner and dessert, eating loaded fries, burgers, ice cream sundaes and fairy floss.

A great highlight of the night was when Dave Jensen encouraged us to question what it means to be a “good” person – and why we need the salvation that Jesus offers.

Don’t miss the next UNITE!

UNITE is coming up again soon, on Friday 18th August at 6:30pm. All teenagers in Yr 7 – 12 at school are invited to come along for an awesome night of World Cup themed fun and to hear about Jesus – we’d love to see you there!

Find out more about UNITE here. If you haven’t been to Regen Youth before, please fill in an enrolment form before you come.