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One of the least known books of the Bible, Haggai is in many ways highly contemporary in the world it portrays: God’s people wrestling with the challenges of life and a world that seems to have left God behind.  God’s answer then, as now, is to call us to remember who he is.
Join us this Sunday for the first week of our 2 part series in the book of Haggai! Everyone is welcome to join us onsite or online.


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Christianity Explored

Do you have big questions about God, life or meaning? Christianity Explored is a safe place to ask some questions and get some answers. Each session involves the exploration of a bible passage, a short video and group discussion.

Christianity Explored is free and runs for 7 sessions.

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We're excited to be meeting again onsite, while also live streaming our gatherings.

It may not seem easy to visit a church for the first time, so we try to do everything we can to make your experience a good one, especially if it your first time with us. Everyone is welcome to come and join our Sunday services. Find out more about our services and to get a preview of what to expect when you come!


We love kids at Christ Church, and we have some amazing programs aimed especially at children. Click here to find out how you can connect in.



Fun. Challenging. Relevant. Regenerate youth group is for teenagers who want to keep digging into the life Jesus offers. Our leaders care about the adults our teenagers are growing into and the challenges they face in getting there.

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Faith Explored

July 26 - September 13

In the Dark

August 5

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