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Updated 8 April 2020

We are allowed to keep live streaming!

Our Archbishop Glenn Davies received confirmation from the NSW Department of Health that church buildings are regarded as “workplaces” under current legislation for the purposes of making a live stream of their services. We can’t gather together, but we can have a skeleton team to produce the service that we all watch online. The staff team discussed how we can make sure the number of people involved is as low as possible, and for those who are helping, all social distancing rules will be enforced. But praise God that we can keep doing things live together!

Read More Here: Sydney Anglican Diocese FAQ

Updated 25 March 2020

  • All Sunday gatherings are now live streamed at 9:30am and 6:00pm
  • Friday Night and Sunday Morning Kids Programs are now provided online. Parents have already been notified, if you’d like more information contact:
  • Youth Programs are now provided in safe online forums. For more information, contact Simeon Cumberland
  • All growth groups are moving online
  • Weddings can be of 5 people maximum.
  • Funerals can be gathering of no more than 10. We can provide a livestream of these events for friends to view.

Updated 16 March 2020
I am writing to let you know of changes to the way that Christ Church will conduct their meetings for the foreseeable future. Here is the summary:

  • All Sunday gatherings changed to live stream.
  • The live streams will be on at 9:30am and 6:00pm.
  • All Friday Night Kids Programs (Hubbers, Hub Club and Kaos) will be cancelled this week.
  • Regenerate Youth Group is still intending to meet in some way with changes. 
  • Junior Jivers has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  • All Growth Groups are on for this coming week

What has happened this week?
As you are no doubt aware, our response to the Coronavirus situation has needed to be ever evolving and flexible in response to the latest information from our Government and Health Department.

We are committed to meeting together and encouraging one another as we see the Day of the Lord approaching (Heb 10:25).  But uncommon times call for uncommon measures. Following advice from medical experts, and the example of other Anglican Dioceses in Australia, Christ Church has decided that in response to the COVID19 pandemic we will not meet for public worship or in other large gatherings, until further notice. For a church such as ours, one of our greatest features is also what puts us at risk. We are diverse, with people from many different countries, and we have many generations in terms of age. We know the virus is contracted by air and touch and so there are many different ways our church community could be impacted by the virus.

It was a painful decision to have to choose between our larger Sunday gatherings versus the risk that people might get sick because of the close contact in a crowd. In the end, we have decided that the wisest and most loving thing is to put the safety of our church family and wider community first. We fully expect that in the coming days and weeks, the Australian government is going to implement tighter controls on gatherings in the wider Australian society.
Sunday Services (LIVE STREAM at 9:30am and 6:00pm)
All Sunday services on the Gladesville site have been replaced this week by a live stream of our services. David Mears will be leading, there will be a Family Time (morning service only) and Andrew Levy will continue our series through Acts looking at the story of the conversion and baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch. The baptisms, originally planned across all our services, have been postponed to a later date when it is safe again to meet in larger numbers.
To view the livestream of the service, you simply need to go to our church website and follow the links.
Friday Night K-6 Kids Programs
Our Friday night Kids programs (Hubbers, Hub Club and Kaos) will be cancelled this Friday. Sarah and the Kids Ministry Team will be in touch with parents this week to outline the steps our church is taking in the Kid’s ministry space.
Regenerate (Friday and Sunday)
Our Friday and Sunday leaders are investigating how the youth group can still meet in smaller groups that comply with social distancing measures. Simeon and the Youth Ministry Team will be in touch with parents and youth this week to outline the steps our church is taking in this space.
Junior Jivers (Friday Mornings)
Our Friday morning ministry to 0-5 year old kids and their caregivers will be cancelled.
Growth Groups this week
All growth groups are scheduled to go ahead as normal this week, and Growth Group Leaders will have more information for you about what will happen in the future.
In Christ,
David and the Christ Church Staff Team.


Updated 13 March 2020

All of our Friday and Sunday kids, youth and adult ministries are on as usual. We are continuing to take proactive steps in caring for anyone on our campus. These include:

  • Surfaces and toys wiped down before and after activities
  • Volunteers to open gates at our Sunday services
  • Alcohol rub given to each person as they walk into church
  • Bibles wiped down between services (and we encourage people to BYO if they can)

Our baptism services on 22 March are still planned to proceed as usual, with proactive steps to keep everyone safe.

Jesus Club, our ministry for those who have intellectual disabilities, has been cancelled for next Wednesday night (18 March). This is a precaution to care for the vulnerable members who often touch others and share food. We just want everyone to be safe.

We will keep praying as a church for the outbreak and encourage everyone to make the necessary cleanliness adjustments to their habits and to follow any medical advice you have been given.

Updated 6 March 2020

Many of you are aware that the Australian Government has activated an Emergency Response Plan for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Australia. The staff team at Christ Church are aware of the positive diagnoses of Covid-19 at Epping Boys High school, Ryde Hospital and at a nursing home in Macquarie Park. We are monitoring the latest updates closely.

We are committed to meeting together as God’s people to encourage and spur one another on as we follow Jesus and we want to make it as safe as possible and ease people’s concerns about gathering.  Given the elevated risk levels of contracting COVID-19 in Sydney we have decided to put some protective measures in place at all church gatherings.  This ensures we are doing our best to care for members of our church family and beyond – especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus.

Starting today with Hub Club, Kaos and Regenerate and continuing on Sunday, 8th March, we will be implementing the following measures based on best practice guidelines from NSW Health:

  • Any students from Epping Boys High School must heed the advice of NSW Health and the NSW Government and self-isolate for the weekend. They must not attend church activities, and we encourage them to follow the directions of NSW Health.
  • If you have been in China, Iran, South Korea or Italy, you must self-isolate for a 14 day period after your return (also in line with NSW Health guidelines).
  • All people are encouraged to follow personal hygiene guidelines, including the regular washing of hands and minimising physical contact.
  • If you show symptoms of fever, dry cough or sore throat and have recently been overseas or have had contact with a confirmed case, you should self-isolate and seek medical attention.

Our planned weekend ministries are still going ahead this weekend. Statistically, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable to serious harm from this virus. We are aware that we have vulnerable people in all of our services, and out of love and a desire to take precaution, during our gatherings, we will be taking the following precautions:

When You Arrive

  • External gates will be propped open and internal gates will be manned to avoid everyone having to handle the gate mechanism
  • Hand sanitiser will be available outside the entrance to church.  Please make use of it
  • One of the welcomers will sign in your primary aged children to their programs (instead of the usual parent sign in)
  • Creche and pre-schoolers will be signed in and out by one of the leaders

In Church

  • Bibles will be cleaned before each service
  • We encourage you to bring your own Bible if you have one, or use your phone
  • All pens have been removed for the time being, please bring your own
  • Connect cards and offertory will be collected via a box at the rear of church Offertory bags will not be passed around during the service
  • Musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments or if sharing an instrument to wipe down after use

Kids and Youth

  • All youth and children will be asked to wash their hands at the start of their programs
  • Safe food handling processes will be in place during the programs
  • All children will also wash their hands before morning tea is served on Sunday
  • All children and youth will be asked to bring their own water bottle.  There will be no access to cups during the program

Food and Drinks

  • We will only serve individually wrapped food items for morning tea and supper
  • Hot drinks will be distributed by servers who have washed their hands and are wearing gloves.  They will also pour the milk and add the sugar in order to avoid common handling
  • We have also limited access to the kitchen. Please do not enter the kitchen unless you are authorised
  • Please don’t share food with others at this time

We are eager to do our part to make sure our community stays safe and is cared for during this outbreak.  Please continue to pray for the health and safety of those in our church family and the wider community.  Please also pray for those in authority dealing with this challenging issue that requires great wisdom.


Christ Church Staff Team

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