Occasional Service Enquiries

At Christ Church, we love our community and we are happy to make our services and facilities available where possible and welcome your enquiries.


Christian baptism is a symbol that points to the cleansing of sin that we have in Jesus and the new life God gives His people. It’s only for people who consider themselves Christians. At Christ Church, we extend this blessing to children in Christian homes because the love of God extends to even the youngest of people. In child baptism, we ask that parents express their own trust and commitment to the promises of God, and their intention to bring up their child to know and love Jesus. In due time, we hope that the child will confirm these promises for themselves, that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour.

Our normal practice is that we baptise members of our church, although we do baptise people in our community if it is clear there is a genuine belief in Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving Services

An alternative to Christian baptism is a thanksgiving service, featuring prayers for the child and family. No water is used, but for those still exploring the Christian faith and not yet in a place to make Christian promises, it is a wonderful and authentic service of joy.


Christian marriage is the foundation of our families and our society. Christ Church is happy to facilitate Christian marriage ceremonies for our church members and those in our community. We love people and value marriages and so we ask that all couples to participate in a marriage preparation course ahead of their wedding. We offer a variety of courses and pre-marriage counselling to assist couples who are preparing for marriage. Please note that consistent with our Christian faith, we do not offer same-sex weddings.

To make an enquiry about weddings and the use of our facilities, please contact the office by email: office@christchurch.org.au or call directly on 9817 2631.


Nothing can be more traumatic than the death of a relative or friend. The staff members of Christ Church are available to help those who are grieving and to assist in the preparation and conduct of funeral services. It is important to contact us as soon as possible to organise the best times for services in the church.

To make an enquiry about a funeral services, please email office@christchurch.org.au

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