Our Cross-Cultural Workers

Building the Church all over the World

Here at Christ Church we have been privileged to see many of our people train to serve the Lord and show the love of God in other places in the world.

We are in partnership with cross-cultural workers serving in France, Argentina, Bolivia, Ireland, South West Sydney as well as regional support to missions in Asia and the Pacific.

Andrew Levy - Our Missionaries - Building the church all over the world

Showing God's love all over the World

Andrew Levy - Our missionaries -apieczonek

Josh and Susannah Apiezonek

Josh and Susannah support and train French university students in Paris, helping them live for Jesus in a very secular society. Josh encourages the formation and growth of Christian groups in French high schools.

Location: France

Organisation: CMS

Andrew Levy - Our Missionaries -bathgates

Ben and Sally

Ben and the family are working in South West Sydney.

Location: Sydney

Organisation: Independent

Andrew Levy - Our Missionaries - Fields

Martin & Julie Field

Martin and Julie work alongside the local ABUA group, training leaders and encouraging students as they seek to share Jesus with their classmates. They are also involved with Bible study groups in their local church.

Location: Argentina

Organisation: CMS

Andrew Levy - Our Missionaries - Lovells

Adrian and Anita Lovell

Adrian and Anita live in Cochabamba, located in the centre of Bolivia. It is the country’s third largest city, with a population of around one million. It boasts a spring-like climate all year round.

Adrian and Anita coordinate MOCLAM in Bolivia as well as teach the courses to small groups from various churches in Cochabamba. They work alongside Peter Sholl, particularly in the administration of MOCLAM across the Spanish-speaking world.

Location: Bolivia

Organisation: CMS

Andrew Levy - Our Missionaries - Pearson

Lyn Pearson

Lyn serves as Interserve’s Regional Director for East Asia and the South Pacific and is a member of Interserve’s International Leadership Team.

Lyn lives in Victoria with her husband and 2 sons. Her role(s) at Interserve mean that Lyn spends much of her time travelling overseas and meeting with the leaders and teams in the countries of this region.

Location: Asia and Pacific, based in Melbourne

Organisation: Interserve


Erin Moorcroft

Erin is embracing and learning the Irish culture as she establishes relationships in Sligo. She works at the local Protestant school as a school chaplain, and across the diocese with leaders involved in children and youth ministry.

Location: Ireland

Organisation: CMS

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