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Seminar: Responding Pastorally to Same-sex Attraction

1 Corinthians Series 2015
Three Thursday Seminars

The Letter to the Corinthians raises a number of issues around human sexuality.  How do we as Christians deal with our own sexual drives and temptations?  How do we live faithfully in a sex-saturated culture?  Our sermon series will address some of the questions.  However, we thought it opportune to have three mid-week seminars for those who want to think further about human sexuality and pressing questions in our culture, such as, responding pastorally to same-sex attraction, understanding gender and shifting attitudes to gender and dealing with the prevalence of pornography.   These seminars will be for those facing these struggles themselves and for those in our congregations seeking to understand and minister sensitively to others.  We will offer some practical help and resources for those who want to think further on these important topics.

Seminar 1:

Responding Pastorally to Same-sex Attraction

Speaker: Dr David Peterson
Former lecturer of Moore Theological College
Present Chairman Liberty Christian Ministries