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Christ Church Gladesville Preschool is an Early Childhood community that is committed to enriching the lives of children and families.

The philosophy of the Preschool is founded on and shaped by Christian beliefs. We recognise and value the God-given potential of each child, supporting them in:

Belonging to this community and feeling safe and secure in their relationships.

Being the person they are, enjoying and engaging in everyday life.

Becoming the person they will be, acknowledging the changes that will happen as they grow and learn.

The Preschool community has families from many cultural backgrounds. The diversity of our families is valued and celebrated and the Preschool has benefited from the contributions made by individuals and families over the years.

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The Children preschool-2

Children are supported to view themselves as capable and competent learners, and confident communicators. A beautiful outdoor environment provides a wonderful backdrop to our daily activities where children explore, create and imagine, and build positive relationships with their peers and their teachers.

Children learn most effectively through play and we recognise the right of children to be able to enjoy the wonders of childhood before formal schooling begins. They are encouraged to develop a sense of agency as they participate in their own learning initiatives and the rich program provided for them by the Preschool educators.

Learning occurs at Christ Church Preschool in an Inclusive model of Preschool education and children with additional needs are supported within their group to participate fully in our program

There are 120 children per week attending the Preschool.

The daily operating hours are 9.00am to 3.00pm.

Currently children attend Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (3 days)

or Thursday/Friday (2 days).

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Partnerships preschool-3

The Parents

The Preschool is recognised in the Gladesville community as a service that strives to provide the best care and education for young children while supporting parents in their important task of parenting. Parents are encouraged to build relationships with each other through daily interactions and through participating in social activity organised by the Group Parents elected each year to this role.

Parents may also be involved in the Preschool community by serving on the Management Committee.

Parents participate in our program through the “Sharing Book” which goes home to each family once per term. Parents write about their family and experiences with their child adding their drawings. The child returns the book to Preschool and shares their Story with the Group.

The Preschool encourages parents to spend time at Preschool sharing an interest or resources or skills with their child’s Group. In past years parents have brought in pets to visit the children, carried out science experiments, shared a cooking experience, bathed a baby, plastered limbs, played musical instruments and shared many other experiences.

The Local Community

The Preschool has good relationships with all the local Schools where our children will attend, and smooth transition to School is supported and facilitated by the Preschool teachers.

The local fire brigade comes to visit the children in Term 1 each year, and the children greatly enjoy the time that they give us.

Christ Church

The Preschool and the Church community have a close relationship. There are Church members on the Management Committee and church families send their children to the Preschool. Each Term the Preschool shares in an end-of-term Church Service on a Sunday morning. The children sing at the service and families stay for morning tea in the grounds after the service.

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Program preschool-4
The daily program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (see following) which has been implemented across Australia in recent years. The Educators in this Preschool base their planning for the children on their understanding of the development of the young child and their needs and interests.

The Educators guide and support the children’s creativity, skills development and interactions with each other through observing, documenting and participating in their activity. They gauge when to offer ideas and suggestions and when to encourage the children to make decisions independently, negotiate with each other, and be confident in their own learning choices.

Each morning the children have indoor activities in our top building, active time in our beautiful outdoor environment, and music and language experiences in the lower building with their own group. In the afternoon, each group has lunch then a rest time, an afternoon program of activities, and a Bible Story before going home.

The Preschool’s program is flexible to accommodate three Open Weeks for mothers, fathers and grandparents.

There is an Open Fortnight in November each year when the children who will attend in the coming year have the opportunity to spend time with the current children, learning about the Preschool. Parents value these visits for the opportunity it gives them to observe the program and to connect with staff members and other visiting parents.

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Learning Outcomes (EYLF) preschool-5

The Early Years Learning Framework identifies five Learning Outcomes that arise from the implementation of the Framework. Christ Church Preschool has always aimed to develop these Principles in our Program.

Learning Outcome 1 Children have a strong sense of identity.

Learning Outcome 2 Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Learning Outcome 3 Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Learning Outcome 4 Children are confident and involved learners

Learning Outcome 5 Children are effective communicators.

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Our Educators preschool-6

Each of the 3 class groups has a university trained Early Childhood Teacher and a trained and experienced assistant.

There are also an Early Childhood trained Director who co-ordinates the Preschool staff and Program, two extra staff support workers each day, and a full time office Administrator.

Our Educators are committed to continuous improvement of their professional knowledge and skills and attend regular internal and external training opportunities.

The Preschool views parents and educators as partners in the care and education of the children of the Preschool.

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Documentation of Children’s Learning preschool-7

Children’s learning and participation in the Preschool day is recorded through written and photo documentation. This is shared with parents through written daily communication, informal conversations, and parent/teacher chats mid-year.

The children play a role in discussing their daily learning with their Teachers and participating in decision making about ongoing activity plans.

Each child’s portfolio and journal are presented to their parents when they complete their time at Christ Church Preschool. These provide a great memory for the child and their family of their Preschool experience.

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Management preschool-12

Christ Church Preschool is a Community-based Preschool funded and licensed by the State Government. It commenced operating in 1978 at the initiative of the Church as a service to the Gladesville community.

A voluntary Management Committee is responsible for the ongoing operation of the Preschool, and is made up of representatives of the parents and the Church community. Committee members have given generously of their time and expertise over the life of the Preschool to make it the well run and high quality service it is today, with a strong reputation in the community.

Ongoing strategic planning, regular review and update of policies and procedures, and commitment to employing high quality Educators are the key factors in the successful provision of a great Preschool experience for children and their families.

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Events and Calendar preschool-9

The Preschool year is divided into 4 terms in line with the Public School terms. Each year a Calendar outlining important dates and events is provided for parents.

View the 2014 Term Dates

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Fees preschool-10

The Management Committee sets the daily Fee each year according to Government funding to be received and the requirements of the Budget.

Children who are in their last year before formal schooling have a lower daily fee than children who will be at Preschool for two years. This is Government policy from 2014.

There is a limited amount of State Government subsidy available to assist families on low incomes. This is organised with the Preschool office.

Working parents may access the Commonwealth Government Child Care Benefit but this is organised by parents dealing directly with Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office.

The Preschool provides parents with the required receipt at the end of each term.

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